Friday, December 13, 2013

Exclusive Interview: Patrick Schuster

The Padres' newest addition was gracious enough to give If I Were GM an exclusive interview last night! We are very excited to have Patrick Schuster in a Padres uniform!

Q: How did you react when you got the call that you had been selected first overall in the Rule 5 draft? Did you think you were headed to the Astros instead of the Padres at the time?
A: I was really excited for the opportunity that the padres were giving me. I knew that the Astros had traded their pick last night but I wasn't expecting the Padres to make that move to be able to pick me.

Q: 2) I see you were "converted" to a reliever from a starter in 2011. How was the adjustment for you? What do you like more and/or less?
A: It was tough because I had been a starter my whole life so it was definitely something different for me but I just kept at it and learning to right and wrong ways of doing and adjusting to how my body felt and everything worked out well with the success that I had last year it makes me a more confident relief pitcher . I'm inclined to say I'll like whichever gets me to the big leagues.

Q: The jump from A+ ball to the majors is a big one. What are you most excited/nervous about in making the jump?
A: I'm just really excited to have a chance to prove to people that guys can be ready to make that jump out of the lower levels. It's a tough mindset grinding in the summer wondering when you'll get an opportunity and I want to show people it can be done and I'm going to work my butt off to show that the Padres didn't make a mistake by taking me first overall.

Q: At the trade deadline last year, the Diamondbacks traded pitcher Ian Kennedy to the Padres for Joe Thatcher. The trade left a gaping hole in the Padres bullpen and is a big reason the Padres acquired you. Did you think much of the trade when it happened?
A: No not at all. It was sad to see Ian go because he was such a big part of the Diamondbacks organization but I had no clue it would affect my career.

Q: The Padres have have Huston Street who has been a top reliever in the the A's and Rockies organization before coming to San Diego and are rumored to be looking into relievers Scott Downs and Joaquin Benoit. How excited are you to be able to work with the Padres bullpen?
A: Very excited. I got to watch Huston throw a rehab game against us in Lake Elsinore and seemed like a great guy. I just want to be able to help the ballclub in any way I can.

Q: Before we finish up, do you have anything you would like to say to all of the Padres' fans out there?
A: I'm so grateful for their warm welcome and glad to see how excited they are about the move. I'm going to do all I can to make the Padres a better ball team and I can't wait to see them this spring training!!

Thank you so much Patrick for giving me the chance to interview you! You are a class act!

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