Friday, June 7, 2013

Day One Review: Rays, Padres, Mariners

Hunter Renfroe
Via Baseball America

Last night, the San Diego Padres held the 13th, 50th, and 69th overall selections in last nights draft (It was only the first of three parts). They took Hunter Renfroe, a big outfielder from Mississippi. The college junior boasts major power, hitting 15 home runs so far this season. Once a raw talent, a toolsy player that needed refinement, Renfroe broke out this season, raising his college batting average over 100 points in one of the toughest baseball conferences in the country. The young slugger has become slightly more polished, and once he signs with San Diego, he will start his season in Eugene with the Emeralds.

The pick has grown on me since last night, as he should infuse some much needed power in a Padres system that has been derailed by injuries and is weak in outfield depth. I was hoping for high school bat Clint Frazier, who went 5th overall (over Colin Moran!), but was projected to fall. This draft was a very weak draft to begin with, having no strong candidates for number one overall, and a lack of depth. There were a lot of surprises, one of the biggest ones being how collegiate RHP Jonathan Gray fell down to 3rd overall (Rockies).

With the 12th overall selection, the Mariners took college third baseman DJ Peterson out of New Mexico, while his little brother, SS Dustin Peterson, was drafted 50th overall by San Diego.

Austin Wilson
There were two picks last night that stood out to me as steals. In my opinion, the Seattle Mariners made the best selection throughout all of day one, when they took Stanford outfielder Austin Wilson. Wilson for a while was a projected top 10 selection, but ended up falling, quite a bit. The Mariners took the young outfielder that was projected as a potential 6th or 7th overall pick at pick number 49. My other pick that I really like is the selection of Ryne Stanek by the Rays at pick 29. Stanek was talked about as high as seventh overall hours before the draft. The Rays capitalized on Stanek slipping, by grabbing a potential 2/3 starter.

The draft starts again tonight for rounds 3-10!

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