Thursday, June 6, 2013

CBA Rules Explained: Draft Lottery

Good morning! Right now, I am taking my civics exam, but I wrote this last night to be published now! I will have another post up at 10 AM EST as well, and possibly another at 12 PM EST.

The competitive balance draft lottery is Bud Selig's attempt (and not a good one) and "evening out" the inequality of major league baseball economics. The bottom 10 lowest revenue and the bottom 10 smallest market teams (quite a bit of overlapping), with the odds of winning being determined via the wins from the previous season, for example, the Astros would have a better shot than the Cardinals at getting a pick. There are 12 picks available, and these selections are actually able to be traded. There are a number of stipulations on draft pick trading though...

The picks available are six selections immediately after the first and supplemental rounds, and the second set of selections are immediately after the second round. The current holders of the selections are listed here:

If a team is crossed out, then they were the original owner, and traded it to the other team that isn't crossed out.

After Round 1:
Marlins Tigers

After Round 2:
Tigers Marlins

This is a new twist that hasn't been done before, but will make the draft slightly more interesting. Considering three of the first six were playoff teams last season, I don't know how well the competitive balance part worked out...

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