Monday, June 3, 2013

2013 MLB Mock Draft

With the amateur draft rapidly approaching now that summer is nearly in full force, here's my take on how the first round will play out.  The MLB Draft will take place from June 6th to June 8th.

1. Houston Astros: RHP - Jonathan Gray, Oklahoma

Tall righty from Oklahoma.  Not necessarily a consensus number one with Appel behind him, but the Astros have options here.  His slider is going to be good... not saying it isn't incredible already.  He and Cosart would be a great one-two at the top of the rotation if both pan out.

2. Chicago Cubs: RHP - Mark Appel, Stanford

There's Gray and Appel... and then the rest of the pack.  Mark profiles to be another front of the rotation pitcher, something the Cubs could certainly use.   Theo hasn't done much to put pitching in the Cubs farm system outside of Maples and maybe Johnson.  Big need to address here.

3. Colorado Rockies: 3B - Kris Bryant, San Diego

Someone's going to have to play first when Helton finally ends his career.  Bryant's the best hitter in this class, and he'd make a great trio with Tulo and Arenado in the infield.  Personally, I think Colorado may be overlooking its pitching issues with this pick, but there's nothing at first in the system.

4. Minnesota Twins: RHP - Kohl Stewart, Texas HS

What's this, the Twins drafting a power pitcher over another control guy?  What they have obviously isn't working, so I think GM Terry Ryan goes for Stewart.  I could see Manaea here possibly as well.

5. Cleveland Indians: 3B - Colin Moran, North Carolina

Let's face it, Lonnie Chisenhall isn't working at third.  Moran is the next best hitter on the board after Bryant goes.  The Indians could go after pitching as well; they need pretty much everything.

6. Miami Marlins: LHP - Sean Manaea, Indiana State

Big lefty.  He got roughed up a bit but has started to bounce back as of late.  Marlins, like most teams at the top, could go pretty much anywhere.  Maybe Meadows, maybe McGuire.  Lot of options for them.

7. Boston Red Sox: OF - Clint Fraizer, Georgia HS

I almost when with McGuire here, but Swihart is in the farm system, and I think Boston's set on him for at least this draft after using their first rounder on him.  Fraizer looks like a 5-tool guy, lots of speed.

8. Kansas City Royals: LHP/OF - Trey Ball, Indiana HS

K.C. again needs pitching.  And while Ball is a hybrid at the moment, he would go well with last year's first rounder righty Kyle Zimmer at the top of the rotation.  The Royals will have a lot of options here, but I think they go for the high upside Ball.

9. Pittsburgh Pirates (failure to sign Mark Appel): RHP - Braden Shipley, Nevada

He just took to the mound for the first time in college.  If he pans out, the Pirates could be looking at Gerrit Cole, Jameson Tallion, and Shipley as their one-two-three in 2016.  If they go pitching here, they go hitting at #14, and vice versa.

10. Toronto Blue Jays: OF - Austin Meadows, Georgia HS

Anthopoulos is probably hoping to leave the top half of the first round after this season, but things aren't exactly going their way at the MLB level.  Meadows has nice tools.  He could go higher, but this just might be Toronto's lucky day.

11. New York Mets: OF - Hunter Renfroe, Mississippi State

A power bat in the outfield here.  Again, could have gone with McGuire, but this is D'Arnaud's catching job to lose, and I can't see New York drafting another young catcher this high.

12. Seattle Mariners: 1B/3B - D.J. Peterson, New Mexico

The Mariners are desperate for offense at the major league level.  This pick gives them someone in the minors who can replace Smoak or the "one-hit wonder" Kyle Seager.  Peterson's your stereotypical power bat.  Passing on McGuire again because Zunino was drafted last year.

13. San Diego Padres: RHP - Ryne Stanek, Arkansas

A lot of talk about Clarkin going here, or even (again) McGuire.  But I think Stanek's improved enough over 2013 to be picked ahead of them.  Hedges was a first rounder, so again, can't see San Diego going for a guy in the backstop.

14. Pittsburgh Pirates: C - Reese McGuire, Washington HS

Ahhh, finally.  Everything looks great in McGuire as a catcher for the future.  The Pirates would get two solid building blocks in McGuire and Shipley.

15. Arizona Diamondbacks: LHP - Ian Clarkin, California HS

He's got one nasty curve, so I wouldn't be surprised if he goes earlier.  But the D'backs need pitching after Bauer go jettisoned after ousted to Cleveland.

16. Philadelphia Phillies: C - Jon Denney, Oklahoma HS

Carlos Ruiz isn't getting any younger.  Drafting the power-hitting slugger here gives the Phillies a catcher for the future.

17. Chicago White Sox: RHP - Chris Anderson, Jacksonville

I think the White Sox need pitching here.  Sale's good, but it's just Sale at this point.  They could also go with one of the few good outfielders still on the board.

18. Los Angeles Dodgers: SS - Oscar Mercado, Florida HS

He looks really good, and the Dodgers could use some offense with Matt Kemp becoming non-existent at this point.

19. St. Louis Cardinals: 1B - Dominic Smith, California HS

The Cardinals have faired well drafting over the past few years.  Most recently, RHP Michael Wacha last season.  Smith gives them a solid hitter for team with a lot of good young pitching.

20. Detroit Tigers: SS - J.P. Crawford, California HS

The Tigers don't have many needs as the defending American League champions.  Crawford could be a steal this late in the draft.

21. Tamba Bay Rays: OF - Phillip Ervin, Samford

The Rays have been the kings of the amateur draft for quite some time, and now find themselves with the 21st pick.  Why not grab this young speedster here?

22. Baltimore Orioles: OF - Aaron Judge, Fresno State

He can mash the ball, and although the Orioles could use a top pitcher to complement Bundy, outfield is also a hole for this squad.

23. Texas Rangers: C - Nick Ciuffo, South Carolina HS

The Rangers could use some a catcher at this point.  Ciuffo's got a nice bat, but he may be a tough sign this season.

24. Oakland Athletics: RHP - Hunter Harvey, North Carolina HS

He's possibly one of the top two high school right handed arms in this draft with Kohl Stewart.  I could see Oakland going for Thurman as well.

25. San Francisco Giants: OF - Michael Lorenzon, Cal-State Fullerton

The Giants simply take Lorenzon here because he's still available and is such an intriguing player.  Lots of speed on the bases, and he can even hit the mid-ninety's on his fastball.

26.  New York Yankees: RHP - Andrew Thurman, UC-Irvine

He's definitely got a lot of pitches to choose from, and the Yankees could use another solid arm in their farm system.

27.  Cincinnati Reds: OF - Austin Wilson, Stanford

Wilson has a lot of potential, but injuries have held him back.  At #27, the Reds might as well aim for the fences with the last pick of Round 1.

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