Saturday, December 15, 2012

Padres in Pursuit of RHP Jackson

The San Diego Padres are in pursuit of right handed starting pitcher Edwin Jackson on according to several sources. It is believed that they have had interest throughout the offseason in the German-Born innings eater. Since the beginning of the offseason, the Padres have had interest in several high profile starting pitchers to join the rotation, most notable veteran right hander Dan Haren, who signed a one-year 13 million dollar contract with the Nationals just after the winter meetings. The Padres were said to be adding two starting pitchers in the offseason, and started the winter meetings with a marque move resigning right hander Jason Marquis to a one year, 3 million dollar contract. Fresh after Josh Hamilton (Angels) and Zach Greinke (Dodgers) both moving to Southern California, Padres fans have been feeling the need for a big splash on the market of via trade. The Padres have had lots of hype surrounded by them at the beginning of the offseason, but when star catcher Yasmani Grandal was suspended for 50-games, and reliever/starter Andrew Cashner lacerated a tendon while skinning a dear, the mood was dampened. The highlights of the offseason have also included several minor league signings and the acquisition of right hander Tyson Ross (Yes, he is Joe Ross’ brother) and Marquis’ resigning.

Several are expecting a trade rather than a free agent, and two targets could be the definition of “low risk, high reward” and “safe bet”. Both Indians, Ubaldo Jimenez and Justin Masterson are two of potential top of the rotation starters. Seemingly these rumors have been shot down of late, which leaves us to Edwin Jackson. Jackson has a career ERA of 4.40 and a k/9 rate of 6.9 for his career, not so good you say? If you look deeper into the numbers, you will see he is much better than what his career numbers suggest. Since 2009, his ERA is 3.98, and he has shown glimpses of excellence and glimpses of mediocrity, such as his no-hitter with Arizona in 2010, or the fact he had 8 walks in the game. He has not thrown under 160 innings since 2006, and is only 28. We still have an excellent ballpark and two great pitching coaches. Edwin Jackson would be an excellent 3 on a very good team, and it is likely that by the end of the season if we were to sign him, he would be the 3, if Cory Luebke comes back healthy and one of the 6-8 high upside pitchers we have can break through and get to that “ace level”, like Casey Kelly, Robby Erlin, Andrew Cashner, Tyson Ross, etc.

The market for Edwin Jackson is said to be 4-5 year deal for about 12-13 annually, and the Padres seem willing to go to 2-3 seasons at 11-12 million per season. Remember, making a smart signing is better than making an impulsive signing. 2/20 is a lot more reasonable than 5/65, which would be regrettable. Would you rather see the Padres spend 65 million dollars and have it lay wasted, or maybe use that cash to extend Chase Headley in the spring? You also should remember Josh Byrnes didn’t jump in and make the Latos deal or the Quentin deal until late December. Whatever happens, expect the Padres to add another starter at a reasonable price, in this case, reasonable looks like 2/20, which is more than what we are usually able to spend, so be thankful all my Padre fans!


  1. I think Edwin Jackson would be a good pickup for them. What do you think about a possible Rick Porcello trade?

    1. I could see Porcello. I wouldn't expect it though.