Friday, December 21, 2012

Cubs To Sign Edwin Jackson

The Chicago Cubs have announced that they have agreed to terms with Edwin Jackson on a 4-year contract worth 52 million dollars. The contract also includes a full no-trade clause. Jackson will provide stability in a Cubs rotation that will also include free agent signings Scott Feldman, Carlos Villanueva, and Scott Baker as well as RHP Matt Garza and LHP Jeff Samardzija. With 6 capable startes, might the Cubs roll with a 6-man rotation?

I didn't post this signing to analyze it for the Cubs, but I decided to write about the two winners in this signing.

Edwin Jackson, who has pitched for seven different teams in his career, finally found a home. He will stay there for the next 4 seasons, and he has complete control, not to mention he makes 52 million dollars. He has finally found security, which could work in the Cubs advantage, or not.

The other winner is the Padres, their non-move of not signing Edwin Jackson will be appreciated 2-3 seasons from now, trust me. The fact is, that 52 million dollars will be better put towards Chase Headley, and we have several starters in the minors, more than six, who should be in the majors three seasons from now. I could see a 2-3 year deal, or even a 4 year deal, but the no trade clause means we can't trade him when our numerous starters are ready.

Other Notes:

  • Calling it now, expect a breakout season from a Padres pitcher.
  • Phil Mickelson will not be a part of the Padres ownership.
  • The Padres have signed SS Cody Ransom to a minor league deal.
  • I will be doing a post on a Padres prospect who had a rough season last year.
  • Another guy the Padres could go after: Shaun Marcum


  1. If you're a Padres fan, I think you have to be happy without signing him. 4 years and 52 million isn't that smart for the Padres.

  2. $13M per season is a lot for a guy that I don't consider too much above average. Besides, he's a ground-ball pitcher. It'd be smarter to buy low on some fly-ball pitchers.

  3. How can you expect a breakout season from a pitcher and then not mention a name? Anyone can say that, it takes more skill if you name him.