Thursday, October 18, 2012

Trade in Review: Jake Peavy (2009)


White Sox Acquire:
RHP Jake Peavy

Padres Acquire:
LHP Clayton Richard
RHP Dexter Carter
LHP Aaron Poreda
RHP Adam Russell

The original deal, while Peavy was healthy, included top prospect Daniel Hudson over Dexter Carter. Peavy vetoed the deal and go hurt. Kenny Williams reacquired him and Peavy was flattered and accepted the deal. Overall, the deal has turned out to be just fair.

($V)=Money Value based off of WAR (wins above replacement).
Ex: Jake Peavy produced 8.4 WAR which is equal to 42 million dollars in value, and he was payed 48 million over that time, so he was worth -6 million dollars.
N/A=Didn't make majors
White Sox:
Jake Peavy 28-25 3.91 ERA 400 k's 457.2 IP 71 starts 8.4WAR (-6M)

Dexter Carter N/A (0M)
Aaron Poreda 0-0 3.86 ERA 0k's 5bb's 0WAR 2.1IP (0M)
Adam Russell 3-1 3.86 ERA 32k's 28IP -0.1IP (-.5M)
Clayton Richard 38-34 3.90 ERA 361 k's 584 IP (+6M)

White Sox total value: -6M
Padres total value: +5.5M

Overall, the deal was a good one, worth 11.5M in value, a number that is still growing, BUT the only reason Jake Peavy did not outproduce Richard was because Mr. Peavy had a rather large contract, I do want you to remember he allowed us to acquire Street and Quentin, so it did help in some ways. Overall it was a decent deal, considering if we didn't have Richard, we would have had ANOTHER 34 replacement level starts this season. We could have had Daniel Hudson if Peavy wasn't so selfish, as he requested he be dealt to an NL East or West team...

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  1. 2012 has saved this deal from being a very poor one for Chicago.