Sunday, October 7, 2012

Offseason Preview

Positions of Need:

Potential Targets:

A dream come true would be Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton, but he wants far too much money. This offseason things are different, we have money, and we could basically sign any free agents we wanted. Hamilton is an injury prone, 31-year old outfielder hitting in Texas, with a history of major drug and alcohol issues who wants a ton of money. The talent is there, but there are a lot of other factors saying this would be a bad deal. A more realistic, and better overall fit for the team is OF Torii Hunter, who could probably be had on a two year deal worth about 7 or 8 million dollars a season. Cabrera-Gyorko-Headley-Quentin-Hunter would be "some kind of nice!". If he doesn't go back to the Angels or Twins, we could have a perfect fit.

We get two starters, not named Zach Grienke, only because we need two. Some of the main targets include Jake Peavy, Dan Haren, Ervin Santana, Shawn Marcum, Hiroki Kuroda, Edwin Jackson, Ryan Dempster, and Anibal Sanchez. My personal preference would be 2 of Haren, Sanchez, or Peavy, but that would be pretty expensive. I would be very happy with Haren and Sanchez to head the rotation, with Volquez, Luebke, and Richard to round out the rotation. This is where the money will be spent. Peavy, Haren, and Santana have ties to San Diego, especially Peavy.

Mike Adams and Joakim Soria are two very interesting targets. I could see a monster bullpen if he could sign both. I would hope for Adams, who did get hurt at the end of the season, which is a big concern, but I could still see it. Both former Padres would take up a late inning role with the club, and have a monster pitching staff. I would expect Soria to sign elsewhere, but it is worth a shot. Imagine Street-Soria-Adams-Gregerson-Vincent-Boxberger-Layne. That is a monster.

Hopeful Signings:
OF Torii Hunter
SP Dan Haren
SP Anibal Sanchez or Jake Peavy
RP Mike Adams
RP Joakim Soria

This would total around 25-35 million dollars, plus an arbitration raise to Headley, the payroll would be somewhere around 80-90 million dollars. I think we have enough money for this, but I am not sure how much will be left after arbitration raises. I could see us non-tendering Tim Stauffer to free up a bit of money. I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up getting a cheaper SP than Sanchez, but I truly expect Dan Haren or Jake Peavy. Hunter again may resign with the Twins or Angels, and Soria will be tough to nab, but this is very possible for a Padres team that could be on the brink of years of stardom.


  1. I like your ideas except for Peavy and Adams, recycled players never work out for the PADS. These two are injury prone and on the downhill slope, get some heading toward their prime. Oh yeah, get some more money too. I see payroll at $ 60M, maybe $ 70M, not enough for your dream team. They can trade Headley, fans don't care. They traded Peavy, Gonzales and Bell, all more popular, and nobody cared. Its about the TV money, not the fans.

  2. ummmmm headley was incredibly lucky based on his .234 True AVG his babip was .490 wich is also extremely lucky. They say that if the season had gone according to plan and no luck involved , the padres would have less wins than the astros. So unless your shitty team gets incredibly lucky again, i cant see them getting over 50 wins. Good luck though, but the cubs are gonna win it all next year

    1. Headley had a babip of .337, .002 points BELOW his career babip. Technically he was less lucky than usual.

      You seem to have no factual evidence to support your claims.