Monday, September 10, 2012

Roger Clemens coming back?

Roger Clemens, 50, has thrown a combined 8 scoreless innings for the Sugar Land Skeeters over two starts.   Koby Clemens, 25, caught his father and went 1 for 4 with a double on Friday night. Roger Clemens had this to say: “Well, not this year,” replied Clemens when asked if he'll pitch in the big leagues this season, reiterating what he said a few days ago“But we’ll see what happens after that. I’m not going to rule anything out. I don’t know what Koby is going to do, where he ends up. I hope to end up probably in February with the Astros, put on a uniform and help those kids. That’s probably next.” -MLB Trade Rumors. Clemens will not be returning to the majors this season, but Astros owner Jim Crane has been quoted as saying that he would be open to signing Clemens, and they have had scouts at both of Clemens' starts. I could see Clemens resigning with Houston. In my opinion, the commissioner should step in and say no, as Clemens has a possible ulterior motive of delaying his hall of fame vote. He hopes to push back the vote five years so that people will forget about his suspected steroid use. He figures the era will be over by then.

Clemens has been clocked at 87-88, and could be a reliable 4-5 starter, which means the opening day starter for the Houston Astros. The Astros are turning into the Rays, hoarding top picks and improving the farm, but at the same time, putting a low quality product on the field.

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