Monday, July 30, 2012

Murphy-Gregerson offer declined

A few days ago the Mets turned down a deal that would have sent RHP Luke Gregerson to NYM for 2B Daniel Murphy. Gregerson has a 3.12 ERA to his name and one of the top sliders in baseball. He was acquired in the Kalil Greene deal with STL. Murphy, is hitting .307 with 30 doubles and 3 home runs. Murphy would have added a very solid bat to the top of a line up that has shown life in the second half. This is signifigant for several reasons, as it shows Josh Byrnes has interest in Daniel Murphy, and more importantley major league players at this up and coming deadline as well as showing that Sandy Alderson won't trade Murphy just to trade him if at all. Speculated moves at the deadline include Headley, Denorfia, and Gregerson being traded.

-The Brewers sent ace Zach Greinke to the Los Angeles Angels of Aneheim in exchange for SS
Jean Segura and RHP John Hellweg.

-The Dodgers turned down a deal that would have sent Ryan Dempster to the LA in exchange for prospect Allen Webster.

-It is now being reported the A's turned down a trade involving SS Hanely Ramirez and nearly 20 milllion dollars in cash.

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