Friday, July 20, 2012

Crazy Trade Idea

Now this would be my fantasy, but what if........

The Padres sent 3B Chase Headley, OF Chris Denorfia, RHP Anthony Bass and 1B prospect Nate Frieman to the Diamondbacks for OF Justin Upton and SS Stephen Drew.

This deal would qualify as a megablockbuster as both teams improve drastically. As much as t doesn't make any sense, it makes all the sense in the world for both sides. Upton and Drew are both expendable with Bloomquist and Parra in the wings, and Headley, Denorfia, and Bass are expendable with Gyorko, Venable, Kelly, Erlin. Josh Byrnes grew Drew and Upton and extended both, KT grew Bass and Headley.

For the Diamondbacks, Chase Headley goes from PETCO and into "Chase" Field, there is even a pun for Mark Grace to overuse! Denorfia is the perfect 4th OF who could help ease the burden of losing Upton. Bass would be a very solid back of the rotation arm who would just help out for next year. Frieman is blocked in SD with about 5 other similar guys.

For San Diego, Drew takes over SS, Gyorko 3B, Amarista 2B, Forsythe UTIL. Grandal is a stud behind the plate and Alonso plays a perfect 1B. The OF is Upton, Maybin, Quentin, Venable. Jesus Guzman, Nick Hundley, Everth Cabrera round out the bench. Luebke, Richard, Volquez, Stauffer, Kelly, Erlin in the rotation? Nice team.

Chase Headley, 28 has 10 HR and is playing a great defensive 3B
as well as hitting 80% of his HR away from PETCO, he would be hitting .290 with 16HR if he played only on the road, and Chase Field is a hitters park.

Frieman, 25 is hitting .283 with 20HR in the pitcher friendly confines of the Texas league. The lefty batter was drafted out of Duke (Which made me sad when I found out) in the 8th round in 2009. He doesn't appear to have a future with San Diego.

Bass, 24, pitched to a 3.01 ERA in the minors while not being looked at as a prospect, he proved doubters wrong by pitching to a 3.60 ERA in his first 2 seasons, he was off to a fantastic start with SD earlier but went downhill while suffering from shoulder problems.

Denorfia, 32 was the recipient of the Kevin Correa award, this year it is a close race between Jesus Guzman and Jason Marquis. "Deno" has hit around .285 since signing a minor league contract with San Diego in 2009. I remember scoffing at the signing and boy was I wrong! The Bristol product has hit 8HR in 514 ABs over the last two seasons.

Drew, 29, was the top choice in the 2002 draft, but to save money, the Padres went with RHP/SS Matt Bush. Bush's latest episode involves a DUI/Hit and Run incident where while exiting the scene ran over the motor cyclist he hit's head. He survived and Bush is in jail with a bail over 1+ million dollars. He never made MLB. Drew has had a productive AZ career before getting hurt to start 2012. Drew needs a change of scenery, and the DBacks probably toss in some cash for Drew's salary.

Upton, 24!!!!!!, already has 98 home runs and an average around .280 Upton makes a bit of money but NEW OWNERSHIP would love to prove themselves, imagine how much Justin Upton would boost sales! I don't even live within 3,000 miles of PETCO bor have any money and would buy season tickets! Upton has been struggling this season but could really improve this club, this could potentially create a 2008 Rockies esque run.

On an off note Matt Holliday didn't touch home plate!

Take a look at a could be 2013 Padres:

CF Cameron Maybin
SS Stephen Drew
RF Justin Upton
LF Carlos Quentin
1B Yonder Alonso
3B Jedd Gyorko
C Yasami Grandal
2B Alexi Amarista

LHP Cory Luebke
RHP Tim Stauffer
LHP Clayton Richard
RHP Edison Volquez
RHP Andrew Cashner

CL Huston Street
SU Luke Gregerson
SU Brad Brach
MR Nick Vincent
MR Miles Mikolas
LS Joe Thatcher
LR Jorge Reyes


  1. Why would Arizona ever do that deal?

  2. because they need a 3B badly, have a replacement at SS and RF.

    1. Yeah, not very good replacements. It makes no sense whatsoever.

  3. If you were a GM, other GM's would laugh at your "Crazy Trade Ideas". Needing a third baseman won't cause AZ to trade their franchise player and most valuable trading chip for your magic beans.

  4. Yeah Drew is equal to Bass, Denorfia, and Freiman....

    Upton is miles better than GiveMeSome Headley

  5. @Orlando Well the point is it is a CRAZY trade idea that probably doesn't work.

    @JT Drew is hitting around .200 for a lot of $. Bass is Trevor Cahill+strikeouts, Denorfia is actually pretty good, Frieman is so-so.

    Headley is drawing a lot of interest.

    I will be doing another post on Headley today.

    1. If it doesn't make sense and isn't a possibility, why post it? This won't help your GM aspirations.

      You could make the Padres worse than they already are if you were GM, which doesn't seem possible really.

  6. It does make sense, but there are many flaws, it was just a thought.

    We are better than you think.

  7. Im agreeing with terelli