Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chase Headley stays put

Josh Byrnes stuck to his word and kept Chase Headley in San Diego. The switch hitting third baseman was hitting .268 with 12HR and 12SB and a .369 OBP. This is his break out season, tripling his HR numbers, and playing gold glove defense. The A's, Yankees, Orioles, and Indians were the main suitors. The Orioles balked at Headley for Jake Arrieta, along with two high upside players from A-ball. Nicky Delimico and Eddy Rodriguez. Arrieta is 3-9 with a 6.68 ERA striking out 89 in 101 innings. Thise stats aren't great but he has amazing stuff, personally, if I am the Orioles, I take this offer in a heartbeat. Jedd Gyorko will be called up to play 2B soon. Headley will be dealt in the offseason. By the way... remember this year is very similar to 2009, which led to a 90 win season in 2010. In 2010, we didn't have any money. Add a free agent or two and go after someone for Headley and you got a good team. Most of our rotation has not been healthy, and Stauffer, Kelly, Erlin, Bass rehabbing, and we are heating up, I figure 70-80 wins this season, and next season will be a lot better.

Tomorrow I will have a tutorial on August waivers.


  1. and we are heating up, I figure 70-80 wins this season, and next season will be a lot better.

    Um 162 games. and all but 58 have been played.

    The padres are going to win 36-46 of 58 games left....right....

  2. 70-80 wins?! They have 44 right now..what makes u think they will play .500 ball rest of the season which would put them at 72 wins..With the dodgers and giants vastly improving, and the D'Backs being extremely hot of late, why would they start doing better?????? I see 60-70 wins...I'd call it a success if they lose less than 100.

    1. Well it looks like I will be right, but there is a slim possibility that we win over 80!