Saturday, March 3, 2012

Extension! For my Favorite Player!

 Today my favorite MLBer signed a long term contract, with San Diego, keeping him here for 5 years at 25 million dollars overall with a 9 million dollar option for a 6th year. I was looking at extensions using transaction tracker, and was thinking the extensions to young players like Evan Longoria, Jay Bruce, Ricky Romero, and James Shields, who have out performed their extensions, but then the older players like Vernon Wells, Alex Rios, Joe Mauer, and Bud Selig (Yes I went there, the irony is the Padres are the only team not to approve his extension), which are all worse. It got me thinking, the extensions of younger players usually are the great contracts and the older players sign longer, wealthier contracts and end up not living up to expectations, or getting hurt, partailly to age, and this reason, also the cause of players doing very well in contract years, lack of player motivation. Money is the main factor to motivate the average professional athlete. It is the main motivation of the average American to work. It is what sports revolves around. The older players do not need to perform, as they have financial security. Would you give your all if you could make 100 million with or without trying? The young players have a huge payday ahead of them if they can produce. When I first saw the Maybin extension, I immediately thought of Adrian Gonzalez, remember as soon as he was a FA, he recieved a 250 million dollar contract extension, as apposed to the 50 million he would have made is he was horrid during the original contract. Looking semi-recent at extensions of players that are younger, the worst deal was a pact for 4 years 20 million between the Mariners and Franklin Guttierez, who was hurt last year, so it could still benifit the team. Most people believe that the extensions of young players are more risky.

The best extension for a team with the least risky, unlike the most accepted theory, and benifit the team the most, especially if it buys out as many

Highlight: Older
WAR graph on extended players.
 WAR, or wins above replacement has several factoring statistics, that give a number, like 1.7, over a replacement player. A team full of replacement level players would have about 40 wins. WAR has been valued at 5 million a piece. Chase Headley had a 2.7 WAR last year and and Cameron Maybin produced a 4.7 WAR.

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