Friday, February 24, 2012

We have more influence than we think?!?

Well, the fans are the reason the Yankees always make a move that hurts them in the long run, or Manny Ramirez is in Oakland. The fans push for or against the moves, and it feels like more fans means the GM cares more. The A's have less fans then us, the Rays too. That is the reason they can afford to sign Manny, busted not once, but twice during his tenure in Tampa Bay. The wouldn't have the big press to bash every move and the fans wouldn't boycott the team because they make most of their money on revenue sharing and the TV deal, so they lose a few fans? Now no way in the world would the Yankees, Sox, Cubs, Dodgers, Giants, Tigers, Angels, or any other big market team sign him. The Rays and A's had different reasons, but this is an extremely low risk high reward signing The Red Sox always wanted Gonzo, but their fans were the ones who shouted about it! We essentially are their voice.

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