Monday, January 23, 2012

Top 25 Honorable Mention/Explanation

I will have a post for all top 25 prospects, here is the honorable mention:

Most of these guys are "in the corner" and will need to break out to stay on here, while others are just too young for the list

Donavan Tate- He isn't worth it, drugs, accidents, suspensions, poor performances, Matt Bush floor, Mike Cameron ceiling.

Cory Burns

Nick Vincent

Cody Decker

Duenel Jones

Drew Cumberland- hasn't played for a year and a half.

Matt Clark

Jacob Blackwood

Yoal Alanctra

Adys Portillo

Frank Garces

Daniel Robertson

Colin Rea

Matt Andriese

Several players I consider major leaguers such as Brad Brach and Kyle Blanks.


  1. Sup...NTK?

    Top 25? where are the other 11?

  2. this was honorable mention, top 21-25 are up, took an unusually long amount of time.