Monday, January 23, 2012

Top 25 Honorable Mention/Explanation

I will have a post for all top 25 prospects, here is the honorable mention:

Most of these guys are "in the corner" and will need to break out to stay on here, while others are just too young for the list

Donavan Tate- He isn't worth it, drugs, accidents, suspensions, poor performances, Matt Bush floor, Mike Cameron ceiling.

Cory Burns

Nick Vincent

Cody Decker

Duenel Jones

Drew Cumberland- hasn't played for a year and a half.

Matt Clark

Jacob Blackwood

Yoal Alanctra

Adys Portillo

Frank Garces

Daniel Robertson

Colin Rea

Matt Andriese

Several players I consider major leaguers such as Brad Brach and Kyle Blanks.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tid Bits 1/21/12

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but here are some stories:

  • According to my insider sources, the asking price for the the Dodgers is 1.2-1.3 billion dollars, which is staggering, considering Frank McCourt bought them for under 1 million dollars.
  • The Padres have had interest in relievers Luis Ayala and Joel Zumaya, but Zumaya signed with the Twins and SD has dropped out of he race for Ayala.
  • I am looking forward to watching the Padres this season, I am especially excited to see Yonder Alonso and Carlos Quentin.
  • I will be doing some series on the team, called:
  • Position by Position
  • Top 25
  • Flash Back
  • What do you think?

Friday, January 6, 2012


If I saw this exact picture, before the offseason started, I'd be so confused.

I remember reading a rumor that four players were untouchable:
           Player                   What I thought originally                                Result
1.) Nick Hundley-What the heck!!?!?!?! Why is he on there?-Well he is still in San Diego I guess...
2.) Anthony Rizzo-Expected, I had no idea he would leave.   -He got traded to Chicago!(story to come)
3.) Cammy Maybin-I love this guy! Big D, Big bat, speed.     -He actually stayed! I am estatic.
4.) Mat Latos-      He is amazing, I didn't think for an instant...- Traded to Reds

Other surprises me are:

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Preview: The Pen

Middle Reliever 1
Middle Reliever 2
Lefty Specialist
Long Reliever



Tier 1 (Lock Down)

Huston Street
Luke Gregerson

Tier 2 (Would be pretty hard not to get a spot)

Ernesto Frieri

Tier 3 (Probably In)

Joe Thatcher
Andrew Cashner
Josh Spence

Tier 4 (Fighting for a spot)

Erik Hamren
Cory Burns
Brad Brach
Brad Boxberger

Tier 5 (maybe)

Nick Vincent

Tier 6 (Minor League Signings)

Alex Hinshaw
Matt Palmer
Dale Thayer

I have heard whispers of another free agent reliever, but the pen looks rock solid, if I were GM I'd take a look at the Nationals Cole Kimball and moving RHP Dustin Mosely to the bullpen.

This could be a pretty impressive bullpen next year with Street, Gregerson, Cashner, Spence, and Frieri locking down the pen!

NEXT: Rotation

CQ is in the house!

The San Diego Padres have a new 4 hole hitter to compliment newly acquired 1B Yonder Alonso. LF Carlos Quentin has been acquired for 2 pitchers, LHP Pedro Martinez and RHP Simon Castro.

Quentin is the new LF and 4 hitter for SD. He hit 24 homers last year and 97 over the last 4 years. He has a career .254 avg, I expect .240 average and 27 homers out of him, PETCO shouldn't hurt him to bad and he could rebound.

Castro, didn't even crack my top 10 Padres prospects list or Minor League Ball's top 20. He had an ERA over 5.5 in AAA only to be demoted. The sad part is that he already is  the number one prospect in their system, just ahead of relievers Addison Reed and Nestor Molina. Castro could still end up as an ace, but I can name five minor league pitchers that are ahead of him on the depth chart here.

and many more, not in this order.

Martinez is another solid option, with above average statistics at almost every stage of the minors. He reminds me of Nick Greenwood, a player with good numbers, who was not expected to flourish, flopped as soon as he was traded.

This deal could turn either way, hopefully a win-win.