Friday, December 2, 2011

Bell to Bailey???

Padre No More
 Heath Bell, the Padres longtime closer, replacement or Trevor, has done a phenomenal job as our 9th inning man. He had a 2.53 ERA, averages 78 k's and 27 saves in his Padre years. He won 27 games. He was acquired with Royce Ring in exchange for CF Ben Johnson and RHP Jon Adkins. Niether of the other three did much.

Yesterday morning, he signed a 3 year contract worth 27 million dollars. It includes a vesting option for a fourth year. The Padres will recieve 2 draft picks, a supplemental pick around pick 38 overall and a 2nd rounder about 60.

GM Josh Byrnes, has been burned before in AZ with a bad pen. In 2009, they had a pen ERA of 6.50. OUCH!!!
He decided to look at star reliever's Andrew Bailey and Carlos Marmol. Here are my personal stories on these guys.

After the A's sent Huston Street to COL, everyone was looking at this young kid, Andrew Bailey! He was upemcoming, and looking better by the day. For the next few years he was in my "elitest RP". I really like this kid, he is young, cheap, and elite. He is basically Bell, but better, cheaper, younger. Excited?

When I watched the Cubbies for the first time, when Carlos Marmol was the 8th inning guy and threw 3 wild pitches and lost the game. Over the years Marmol got better and better, and now he is a flamethrower.

These two pitchers are younger, better, and cheaper then Heath Bell. I am expecting a deal to go down soon, possibly involving Chase Headley. He can be replaced.


  1. C'mon Whitey!! Younger? yes Cheaper? yes Better??? You're killing me. Chase Headley is currently the best bat last year on your HS team at .289. Who is next? Maybin? Headley? Guzman, Denorfia? You're not gonna need a closer once your transformation is complete. Not until around 2015-2016. Good to hear you're still working on the cheapest payroll in baseball, I'm looking forward to a 70-92 record in '12, What's your take?

    Miss you. UF

  2. Well, we have Gyorko, who I feel is one of the best bats in the minors and Guzman/Darnell can handle it ok.