Tuesday, November 22, 2011


San Diego has made a trade with Florida, dealing an ace starting pitcher for a star catcher, with a big bat... Well, this is not exactly what happened.

The Padres traded 27 year old LHP Wade LeBlanc to the Florida Marlins in exchange for C John Baker. He hit .271 over the last 4 years, as a back up catcher. He will serve as a backup catcher but this move mainly opens up a spot in the rotation. Which super-prospect will it be?

Casey Kelly? Joe Wieland? Robby Erlin? I don't know, probably Kelly, based on him being in the organization more. This whole move is only to get one of these guys in.

I will have new posts up soon about:

  • A new CBA? Whats in store for Heater?
  • Who gave David Robertson and Michael Young(1st place too!) MVP votes???
  • New Draft Prospective.
  • Top 10 draft prospects.


  1. Come on man don't hate on David Robertson ;)

  2. Good, but he is a reliever!