Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The headliner is how Tigers ace, Justin Verlander, was the first player to win the CY Young since 1986, 25 years ago. He recieved more votes than many players such as Jose Bautista and Adrian Gonzalez(remember him?).

The real story in my mind is:

Who the heck gave David Robertson a vote???????

Robertson,who I like as a pitcher recieved one vote for MVP, this is incredible, considering how rare it is for a reliever to win the CY Young, this is pretty amazing. What if he won!! I love Robertson but he isn't that good.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


San Diego has made a trade with Florida, dealing an ace starting pitcher for a star catcher, with a big bat... Well, this is not exactly what happened.

The Padres traded 27 year old LHP Wade LeBlanc to the Florida Marlins in exchange for C John Baker. He hit .271 over the last 4 years, as a back up catcher. He will serve as a backup catcher but this move mainly opens up a spot in the rotation. Which super-prospect will it be?

Casey Kelly? Joe Wieland? Robby Erlin? I don't know, probably Kelly, based on him being in the organization more. This whole move is only to get one of these guys in.

I will have new posts up soon about:

  • A new CBA? Whats in store for Heater?
  • Who gave David Robertson and Michael Young(1st place too!) MVP votes???
  • New Draft Prospective.
  • Top 10 draft prospects.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Padres first Free agent signing

17 hr's .292 avg 11 sb .343 OBP

In 2002

He player for Milwaukee last year and his name might rhyme with Mince Mielder

The signing:

Mark Kotsay

The money:
1 year 1.25 million

He will be a bat off the bench, who has had success pinch hitting and that year above, was with San Diego. He was a fan favorite and he is a very classy guy.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Page View Contest

Leave a guess for the overall amount of pageviews I have ever had, this is not my best month.

Here is a hint:

Please excuse the sidewritings, they are correct, but I could not figure out how to put words on it.

Top 10 Padre Prospects

Anthony Rizzo
 Grades are not based on the order of prospects, Rizzo is the most polished of the group and has the most chance to be in MLB for good, but Keyvius Sampson may have the best potential, hence a better grade.

1. Anthony Rizzo/B+
MLB Comp: Adrian Gonzalez
Anthony struggled in PETCO after being traded for and called up to replace Adrian Gonzalez, but he is a VERY good defensive 1B and can hit. His raw power can be seen when watching the replays of games in Minnesota and Boston. He plays very good defense.

2. Robby Erlin/A-
MLB Comp: David Price
Robby Erlin was acquired in the Mike Adams deal, and he dominated, he had an ERA under 2 in San Antonio and with Texas stats included he went 9-4 with a 2.99 ERA and a whopping total of 154 k's. This kid is going to be an ace.

3. Jedd Gyorko/A
MLB Comp: Dan Uggla (with better D)
Drafted in the second round of the 2010 draft, this young man has been a favorite of mine since we drafted him. He hit 25 homers and played stellar defense in the minors last year.

4. Keyvius Sampson/A+
MLB Comp: Stephen Strausburg (but not as good, he is the only RH flame throwing ace I could think of)
Keyvius Sampson was drafted the fourth round of the 2009 draft, after Evert Williams, Donavan Tate, and Jerry Sullivan. (Is it creepy I knew that off the top of my head?). The first 3 were flops, Williams could recover from his injury though, but Sampson is a star, an ace who DOMINATED  the A levels. He had 10.9 K's per 9 innings, a 2.90 ERA, and electric stuff.

5. Rymer Liriano/B++
MLB Comp: Michael Bourn
Rymer was an international free agent, and so far, the only one who has not lied about their name/age in MLB. He hit .290 with 9 HR's and a .365 OBP, only ok? Well he also had 66 SB's! Wow.

6. Casey Kelly/B-
MLB Comp: Matt Garza
Kelly has dropped off in AA to a 3.98 ERA in San Antonio Texas, still leading the nations best minor league team to the title. Kelly came over in the Gonzalez deal and has been above average since coming here.

7. Kyle Blanks/B-
MLB Comp: Matt Stairs
Kyle was drafted in the 42nd round in 2004. I knew that off the top of my head too! Well, Blanks has raw power, and can hit, just like stairs.

8. Joe Wieland/B+
MLB Comp: Jon Garland at worst
He also came in the Adams deal, Wieland has a 1.97 ERA in 26 starts, and k'd 150, this guy is almost guaranteed to be in MLB.

9. Cory Spangenberg/A-
MLB Comp: Jemile Weeks
Drafted 10th overall, this kid is a speed demon. He hits for average and steels bases.

10. Austin Hedges/A-
MLB Comp: Yadier Molina
He has fantastic defense, drafted in the 2nd round last year. He will be in A- or SS ball next year, he could shoot up this list.

Honorable Mentions:
Reymond Fuentes, Brad Brach

The San Antonio Missions were the best minor league team in baseball, since their time in Ft. Wayne in 2009, to now, this group of guys is close to MLB. Next year the Tuscon Padres will be one of the best minors team.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Nationals star catcher has been kidnapped in Venezuala according to multiple sources, he was approached outside of his home, by 4 gunmen, and taken away. A couple years back, Yorvit Torrealba's brother and son were kidnapped and held for ransom.

Best Wishes go out to Wilson Ramos, his family, and the Nationals organization

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Padres Next Years Prediction (funny version)

San Diego:
11/22-The San Diego Padres offer Albert Pujols a minor league contract with no invite to spring training, the king declines and signs with NYY.

11/23- San Diego offers Prince Fielder a minor league contract with no invite to spring training, the prince declines and signs with NYY.

11/24- San Diego offers CJ Wilson a minor league contract with no invite to spring training, CJ declines and signs with NYY.

11/25- The San Diego Padres offer Mat Latos, Heath Bell, Jason Bartlett, and Orlando Hudson to the Chicago Cubs for 10 million dollars. The Cubs say of course!

12/10- The Boston Red Sox, angry that they didn't sign any FA's as New York signed  every single free agent, ask the Padres for some players and they give the Red Sox Jedd Gyorko, Kevius Sampson, Anthony Rizzo, and Casey Kelly for a player never to be named later.

12/20- The Padres, having lost so many players, hired a bunch of men off the street, who all weren't able to run the bases and averaged the age of 98. They all offered to only take 75,000 dollars, instead of the league minimum of 400,000.

12/25- Jeff Moorad doesn't let anybody go home for Christmas.

2/25- The Padres payroll is 62.29$$$

5/2- Opening day draws 3 fans to the stadium. Two of those fans left after one of the men couldn't lift up a bat in the first plate appearance.

9/29- The Padres finish with a 0-162 record and Bud Selig starts to wonder, should I put up a salary cap and force Moorad to leave the league?