Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tied for 6th in Baseball! Darn those Padres!

We are tied with the Chicago Cubs for the 6th worst team in Major League Baseball! We are 14 games behind the Astros for 1st but only 5 games behind Baltimore for 2nd! Do you know why I want to be 2nd worst? I have 3 reasons.

A) Next year we would be underestimated.

B) We wouldn't be the worst for the whole offseason.

C) This Guy.

This guy is my favorite college arm and would take him 1st overall BUT Lance Mcullers is covetted by the Astros and is very talented. Appel in my opinion could be in the rotation when Wieland, Erlin, Kelly, Sampson, Gyorko, Darnell, Blanks are taking this team deep into the playoffs. I predict 2013 or 2014 would be that year.