Saturday, July 2, 2011

Padres sign Jose Ruiz

The Padres have signed Venezuelan catching prospect Jose Ruiz. Ruiz was supposedly the best catcher out of Latin America this year. The 16-year old is said to have raw power and to be the best defensive catchers out their. The Padres have committed 1.1 million dollars to this young catcher. If San Diego signs C's Austin Hedges and Brett Austin, the Padres will have four catchers that could contribute to a major league club eventually.  If you see Ruiz in the majors, it will be in at least 4 years. Most of these prospects take several years to develop if they do. Ruiz is projected like this: .240 AVG .340 OBP 30 HR great defense.

Was this a good signing?


  1. Good feedback on the Ruiz signing. Do you know if he was a product of the Padres D.R. facility?

    You have a very professional site and deserve a lot of respect for your obvious knowledge and workings of the game. Remember, Cashman started as an intern for the Yankees, and I launched a syndicated column for a New York magazine as a high school junior. You have us both beat!!

  2. He was not a product of the D. R. Academy, though I believe Simon Castro was.

    Thank you, I appreciate your comments!

  3. Sure it's good and maybe in four years he'll make the varsity team.

  4. He will take about two years to reach Eugene, four years to reach AA, and 6-7 years to reach the big leagues.