Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Top 30 prospects: #26

Logan Forsythe

           Forsythe is already with the club, but some intresting points about Logan, a second round draft pick, include he was originally a third baseman! Forsythe was in the minors with 3B James Darnell, and Chase Headley was on the big league club, so they moved him to second. His bat profiles better at second, and he played better defense. Forsythe beat Darnell to the bigs due too two injuries to Orlando Hudson. He is hitting .188 but has played solid defensive ball. He looks like a high OBP, good defense, few steals, average power at best, average to above average player. He will not a star but has the potetial to be a very solid player. Forsythe is almost guaranteed to be a regular at one point in his career though. I like his defense and see him as our future 2B and 2-hole hitter!


This southpaw profiles as another reliever. He has a very good curveball.

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