Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cory Spangenberg and the draft review!

Yesterday the Padres drafted five players and today many more. Here is the recap from rounds 1-6!

Cory Spangenberg

 This kid can run. He can hit. Here is what to expect:
A David Eckstien attitude.
Luis Durango speed.
Rickie Weeks defense.
Robinson Cano bat. (Little less, best comparison I could find)

That is an awesome looking player! Cory was #9 on their board and they were ecstatic that he was available. He seemed like a slight overpay but it could pay off.

Joe Ross

Yes he is Tyson Ross's little brother. Ross throws 95 mph and he's 18. He has a solid curve and can end up being a solid 2 or 3. He does have potential to be as good as Matt Cain! He has room to grow and should be up in 4-5 years!

Micheal Kelly
I predicted he'd be a Padre! (check out my mock drafts) We drafted this 18-year old flame thrower and he still has room to grow a 6'5''. He reminds me of Zach Greinke in terms of stuff, movement, and finesse. I like his delivery and mound presence.

Brett Austin
#1 He  was drafted out of the high school I was going to go to, but decided against! #2 He has a heavenly bat. Like Mike Napoli. below average defense and huge power.

Jace Peterson

He is a shortstop with some power. I can't find much on him but he played football and baseball. Yes I put on the right video, Peterson is a right end. I see him and Spangenberg as the future double play combo!

Austin Hedges

He looks like a better version of Yadier Molina. He is the opposite of Austin in every way. He has gold glove defense, average bat, San Diego area high school, tough sign. He will cost a lot and that is why he fell. I like him as the catcher of the future with Austin moving to RF.

Let's skip a few picks to round 6:

Kyle Gaedele
He is the great nephew of Eddie Gaedel, the infamous midget who pinch-hit for the White Sox as a publicity stunt! While he probably won't have a career 1.000 OBP like his great uncle (1 AB 1 walk), he has tremendous power an reminds me of Carlos Quentin. He has average at best defense and a really big bat! I see him in LF or RF in the future.

Eddie Gaedell
My conclusion is the Eugene Emeralds will have a really good year with a core like this:

SP1 Joe Ross
SP2 Micheal Kelly
SP3 Matt Andriese
SP4 Mark Pope
SP5 ?

CL Greg Gonzalez

  1. 2B Corey Spangenberg
  2. SS Jace Peterson
  3. DH Brett Austin
  4. RF Kyle Gaedele
  5. ?
  6. ?
  7. C Austin Hedges
  8. ?
  9. ?
What is your take on these picks?

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  1. Nice work, your scouting is as good as the pros!