Friday, May 27, 2011

Top 30 prospects: #28

Brad Brach

This 25 year-old kid was drafted in 2008 and can pitch, he was the closer for Fort Wayne, then Lake Elsinore, now San Antonio! He has a career ERA OF 2.07 and 91 saves in 4 minor league seasons. This kid is flat out dominant! I noticed his 11.5 career k-% and his 1.6 walk-% per nine innings. Every year but one his FIP was under 2.75! He is a star and Will be another arm like Frieri, Scribner, Qualls, Bell, Adams etc. I like this kid and can see him flourishing in a late relief role. I will continue to watch this kid and he will just be another solid arm in our pen.


  1. I like how u call people older than you "kid".

  2. haha, Brach is young and I have been watching him develop for the last 3 years.