Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Padres Top 30 prospects: #29

Mark Hardy

Via milb.com
This kid was our 43rd overall draft selection last year. He has beat the odds and now has the second best stats of all the our picks. He has a 3.30 ERA and his FIP says that he is is just around where he should be. He is starting and relieving for Lake Elsinore, and looks like an effective pitcher. If I was the GM of any team I'd stick this kid in AA and have him start. Hardy is a stud and looks like he will be a back of the rotation type pitcher with Clayton Richard like ceiling.


Padres LHP Wade LeBlanc


#28 is a closer, he has succeeded at almost every stop and is in AA, he flourished last year as Lake Elsinore's closer.

If you have any guesses please leave them in the comments.

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