Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Padres Mock 2.0

Acquired: As consumption for failing to sign RHP Karsten Whisten

My Pick: CF George Springer

It was a tough pick here at number ten because most of the top talent is gone and the second-tier bests are available. Possible remnants of the top talent includes talented center fielder George Springer, SS Francisco Lidor, RHP Sonny Grey,  and RHP Matt Barnes. I see Springer/Lidor/Grey but I don't think Grey or Lidor would be available. Springer is talented and an easy sign. He reminds me of Jayson Werth and would be a huge pickup.

Bonus: 1.5 million

#25 overall:

My Pick: LHP Matt Purke

Purke is an incredibly interesting pick as he was drafted by the Rangers, 33rd overall, and did not sign in 2008 and went to college. He was going as high as 3rd overall to the D-Backs until he hurt his arm. His draft stock fell and he has been going in the supplemental round in most mocks. I value him a lot as you can see. He could be a David Price type player and is a stud. He is extremely high risk-high reward. 

Bonus: 1 million

#48 overall:
Acquired: Received as consumption for not signing Jon Garland

My Pick: CF Jackie Bradley Jr.

He is another player who's draft stock has fallen and is a 5-tool OF and reminds me of Shane Victorino.  He would be huge value if he is available and could be a solid leadoff hitter. I like him here but not at 25.

#54 overall:
Acquired: Received as consumption for not signing Yorvit Torriealba

My Pick: SS Levi Michael, Chapel Hill

He is a stud defensively, easy sign, lots of talent, and he reminds me of Padre Jason Bartlett. He fits the Padre mold.

#58 overall:
Acquired: Received as consumption for not signing Kevin Corriea

My Pick: RHP Micheal Kelly
Did you notice what ballpark that is? Yes, he is warming up at PETCO for the Aflac-All-Star high school    game. He is a high upside high school pitcher that reminds me of Matt Garza.  He throws 95 MPH and is only 5 years older than me!

I decided to do another mock draft, SD has some very intriguing picks in the draft and I like #25 the most, feel free to comment or email me with questions or comments at padres4221@hotmail.com. I will respond ASAP(within the day). I hope you like it!


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