Saturday, May 14, 2011

Heath Bell

Heath Bell via Wikipedia

        We are 16-23, let's face it, we are not going to contend this year if things do not work out over the next month. We also have owners are paying less money to their players than Alex Rodriguez and Rafael Soriano combined! Former Padres Jake Peavy and Adrian Gonzalez (combined) are also going to make more that the Padres will this year. I think we all know where this is going. Heath Bell will probably not remain a Padre due to salary. I'd like you to understand the Nationals closer, Matt Capps, was coming off a year where he had a 5.80 ERA and 8 losses. He was under control for one and a half years and netted the Nationals rookie C Wilson Ramos, who was a top prospect at the time and is now their starting catcher, while Capps is overpaid at 7.15 million dollars! Teams will overpay for closers so let's look at our options.

The Rangers

Young Closer Neftali Feliz is injured and they may want to move him into the rotation.

The Cardinals

Closer Ryan Franklin imploded and Eduardo Sanchez is closing games

The Phillies

Brad Lidge and Jose Contreras are hurt so they are in need of a closer.

The Marlins

Their closer is Leo Nunez and would-be-padre-middle-relief-fodder Ryan Webb is their best reliever.

The Rays

Former Padre Adam Russell is their best reliever, and their closer is Kyle Farnsworth

Now what would we get in return:

From the Rays:

I'd target BJ Upton if if I wanted MLB players, and Desmond Jennings in terms of prospects. I'd expect a deal like this: Heath Bell for BJ Upton or Heath Bell for Hak-Ju Lee and Brandon Guyer. I do love Moore and Jennings though.

From the Rangers:

I saw 2 players. Juckerson Profar(18) and Elvis Andrus(23). They are both SS, and both under 24. Andrus would take over now, while Profar would take 3-5 years. He was the star of the 2004 little league team that won it all! Potential Deal: Profar and Jake Skole for Heath Bell.

From the Phillies:

I see one player, his name is Dominic Brown. Brown is a stud! Maybe Venable and Bell for Brown? I hope so.

From the Marlins:

I do not see much, maybe Matt Dominguez for Heath Bell

From the Cardinals:

It's all too much or too little. I like Rasmus but he would cost Bell and Maybin, which I would not do. I also like Jon Jay but he is not worth much. They are not a very good fit.

And my prediction: Heath Bell is traded to the Rangers for Jurickson Profar. This would give San Diego the best farm in the game as here would be the list:

1. Jurickson Profar
2. Anthony Rizzo
3. Casey Kelly
4. Raymond Fuentes
5. Simon Castro
6. Jaff Decker
7. Jed Gyorko
8. James Darnell
9. Kevius Sampson
10. Cody Decker
11. Donavan Tate
12. Evert Williams


  1. How about we get some bats in here so we have a need for a top closer instead on palnning on trading him. Open up your wallet, we already have a Walmart GM and owner, we don't need another one. Bell wants to stay here, make that happen with run support!

  2. Our GM has is not the problem, the only GM who could work with 40 million is Billy Beane. I think Profar would be worth more than bell though it would take a while so I would try and get another prospect like Skole that would take 1-2. Brown would be the best possible deal but will probably not happen.

  3. Why do my nostrils whisper to me....