Saturday, May 7, 2011

Did you know?

On May 28th, 2009, the Padres were set to trade ace Jake Peavy to the White Sox for 4 pitchers. The Padres would shed 42 million dollars and the Sox would get a front line SP to put them over the top. Jake, not wanting  to be a White Sock as their record was worse than ours! He had the ability to veto a trade to any team and pretty much said I refuse to be traded! Two weeks later Peavy was injured and would not be back until September so everyone thought that Peavy wouldn't be traded. On July 31st, within minutes of the deadline, the Padres sent Peavy to the Chi Sox for Clayton Richard, Aaron Poreda, Dexter Carter, and Adam Russell. Peavy pitched 3 starts that year for the Chi Sox, producing a 1.38 ERA. Richard went 5-3 with a 4.09 ERA and was a huge 1art of our rotation. Over the next year Richard was actually more valuable than Peavy! Peavy had 22 starts and a 4.22 ERA, while Richard went 14-9 in 33 starts while posting a 3.75 ERA. Russell became depth out of the pen while Carter struggled and got cut and Poreda forgot how to throw strikes. In December 2011, The Padres traded Ceasar Ramos (a man who would never be able to get a spot in the pen, so was useless), Brandon Gomes, Nellie Figeroa(both are prospects), and Adam Russell(the centerpiece) to the Tampa Bay Rays for Jason Bartlett and a PTBNL(a nobody). So essentailly Bartlett and Richard for Peavy was the swap.It has been speculated that the original package was exactly the same: Jake Peavy for Clayton Richard, Aaron Poreda, Dexter Carter, and Adam Russell. Yesterday Kevin Towers revealed that the package was actually Clayton Richard, Aaron Poreda, Adam Russell, and Daniel Hudson. Everything would have been better for everyone if Peavy would have said yes. (except for the Twins and D-Backs) Peavy wouldn't have been pitching in Philly that night, we  would still get Bartlett and everyone. We could be world champs! If you think about it, We beat the Reds based on the fact we were 8-4 against them in the last 12 games. Giants top Phililes. We top Giants. We top Rangers. WS Champs. I say that because we would make it to the playoffs because of Hudson, an amazing pitcher, the ace of the d-backs. Who won because of Peavy's decision? The Twins and Diamondbacks.


  1. You're forgetting about a little something called September Slump 2010 and a man named Brian Wilson. But you're the best anyway!!
    Are'nt they already saying "Wait until next year?"


  2. We had beat the Giants that year almost every time, and Hudson would have carried us through the September slump. He had an ERA around 2 last year and would have been a huge improvement over LeBlanc and/or Corriea. Thanks and I think they are already throwing in the towel...