Thursday, May 5, 2011

The could have been team... The Lineup!

I decided to have a little fun and look back at some actual rumors(Oxymoron!) and see how are team could have been if Towers and Hoyer were a little more aggresive:

The Lineup:

1. 3B Micheal Young

Young was never a likely Padre but SD is one of 8 clubs he would accept a deal to. Texas would have had to eat a TON of salary for a deal ever to happen. A trade would look like this: Micheal Young and lots of cash for Logan Forsythe, Aaron Poreda, and Corey Luebke.

2. 2B Orlando Hudson

I understand he is already a Padre but the last two years we have almost signed him, if we had signed him last year we already would still be with us.

3. CF Josh Hamilton

Last year at the deadline I heard about a Hammy to the Padres for pitching rumor out there. I figure Latos for Hamilton would be what both teams were looking  for! The Padres would have a MONSTER LINEUP! A 3-4-5-6 of Hamilton-Kemp-Pence-Napoli would be better than any other MLB team I feel. If this deal were to happen it would be one of the biggest deals of all-time! The deal: Mat Latos for Josh Hamilton

4. RF Matt Kemp

A few years ago at the deadline I was begging SD to aquire him. A package would have taken prized 3B Chase Headley but he is a super star! He would be our best player, we would have won 100 games last year and Gonzo would still be here. Here would be the deal: Chase Headley for Matt Kemp.

5. LF Hunter Pence

Pence was discussed in the Jake Peavy talks and would also have been an incredible addition to a lineup like Kemp and push us into the WS. Imagine what a team! Here is the deal: Jake Peavy for Hunter Pence and Bud Norris

6. C Mike Napoli

Napoli would have been a Padre if we wanted to deal Heath. A Bell-Napoli swap may have happened if Napoli was still an Angel. The deal: Mike Napoli for Heath Bell

7. 1B Luke Scott

Scott is one of my personal favorites and would have come very cheap. He would be a fantastic 7-hitter and was really close to being a Padre. The deal: Luke Scott for Josh Geer and Wade LeBlanc.

8. SS JJ Hardy

Hardy was the other SS looked at by SD before we got Jason Bartlett. I still like Jason better but that rumor came true. Hardy would have been aquired for a lot less and is a pretty good 8 hole guy. The Deal: Adam Russell for JJ Hardy.


  1. I like most of your trades except for giving up Bell, Latos and Headley. But I guess you have to give up some value since we are never going to spend the big bucks. Your wish will come true with Headley and Latos as soon as they come into the money, Padres aren't going to pay them star salaries. Bell is probably going this year if we keep up the losing trend.


  2. I was not the one who came up with these trades and I certainly don't want to give up Latos or Headley. These are trades that almost happened.