Saturday, April 30, 2011

Matt Clark

The Padres anemic offense has had only two players hitting over .240. Chris Denorfia and Nick Hundley, Denorfia is not even a starter and we cannot get a hit with RISP! Are pitching must be perfect for us to win and Dustin Mosely whom has a 1.99 ERA is 0-3. Many people are saying Anthony Rizzo is our savior, but most don't want to rush him. I found the perfect solution! We should callup Matt Clark because he is not nessecarilly a top prospect so skipping part of AAA will not provide much of a risk! He could replace struggling 1B Brad Hawpe. He is a player that has a reputation of being a Home Run, walk, or nothing type hitter and would probably have a line looking like this: 18 HR 75 RBI .248 avg. 340 OBP 120 k's. I would project Hawpe at: 10 HR 50 RBI .297 Avg. .320 OBP 110 K's. Calling up Clark would light a fire under Hawpe and push him to sucsess. In that scenerio they could combine for a .270 avg .330 OBP 60 RBI 20 HR 100 k's. Hawpe has been heating up so I'd give him 10 more games and see how he is doing after that. Clark may never get a shot with SD so I figure we may be able to spare a little to see how he can perform. Here is some video of Clark:


  1. Wasn't this your Hawpe prediction early on?
    .297 29 HR 100 RBI All-Star Padres: 96-66
    He let you down.
    Maybe Clark will help.


  2. I will admit that was my prediction and that Hawpe did not make adjustments until the last few games. He is hitting .350 in his last 20 AB's and should get better as the season goes on. I'd say his final line is somewhere close to .275 20HR .340 OBP