Saturday, April 16, 2011

June 6th

Does anybody know what day that is? The 2011 MLB Draft. It will be aired on MLB Network. The Padres have 5 of the top 58 draft picks. Here is my mock draft:

#10 overall
Acquired: As consumption for failing to sign RHP Karsten Whisten

My pick: LHP Daniel Norris, Science Hill HS

This video shows his stuff and pitches and delivery the best.

Weighing in at 185 and 6'3" he is one of the top high school pitchers available. He sits in the mid-to low 90's with the fastball and has an above-average slider and a decent change. His curve is not his best pitch. I'd have to say he reminds me of David Price and Clayton Kershaw. I have a very very good feeling about this kid and I am going to call that he will be a superstar.

Alternative picks:

Jed Bradley, Bubba Starling, George Springer*, Francisco Lidor, Sonney Gray, or Matt Purke

The last 5 if available will/should be taken if available. Lidor is a very good SS and Starling could easily be 1st or 19th, he is a very risky toolsy OF that I have also deemed for stardom though he is extremely high risk, higher reward. He can also be a LHP. I like Purke a ton and think of him higher than Norris and I did not mention the almost certain top 2 picks Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rendon, both who if are available and not taken I would have strong words.

*Springer was a close second for my Padres pick.

#25 overall:

My pick: RHP Trevor Bauer UCLA

He is a college pitcher hitting 97 MPH on the radar gun but is undersized. 6'1" 175lbs. Bauer has star potential and would be my pick at 25. My previous pick was Oregon's catcher Anthony Susac before receiving word that he had broke his left hand. Bauer is headed to SF in the majority of mock drafts but I am drooling over 97 from a college arm. We would get an arm that is Whiston-like AND take a pick from SF.

Alternative picks:

Blake Swihart or Joshua Tobias

#48 overall:
Acquired: Received as consumption for not signing Yorvit Torrialba

My Pick: CF Zach Cone, Georgia

He had a .363 BA and 10 HR along with 13 steals. The depth in this draft is insane. Cone is a 5-tool CF who could be a stud. I really think he is one of the top OF's.

#54 overall:
Acquired: Received as consumption for not signing Kevin Correia 
My Pick: SS BA Vollmouth

He would be the SS of the future as he immediately becomes the best SS in our system. I think this will be a very good draft for SD. Thoug there is a slight chance he ends up at 3B.

#58 overall:
Acquired: Received as consumption for not signing Chris Young

My Pick: CF Jason Coats, TCU

He is a very very good defensive outfielder. I'd say he is reminiscent of Steve Finely with less speed. i really think he would be a good pick right here and do pretty good and worst case scenario he is a 4th outfielder. He has a Finley-like ceiling!

I'd like to dedicate this post to my Uncle Fred, who reads every post.


  1. Let's get some more bats, although I do like your picks. You're going to need Vollmuth at third when Headley comes into the money.

  2. Thanks, I'm flattered!