Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jorge Cantu

Supposedly the Padres are the front runner to sign Jorge Cantu as depth for first and third base. Cantu is a decent player and will be a great addition to our line-up and a very solid piece. He would finish our very good offseason. Our line-up at its best(interleague play):
RF Will Venable(.290 30HR 30SB GG)
SS Jason Bartlett(.321 8HR 21SB)
2B Orlando Hudson(.280 8HR 8SB)
1B Brad Hawpe(.297 27HR 100RBI)
LF Ryan Ludwick(.240 29HR 110RBI)
3B Chase Headley(.280 20HR GG)
C Nick Hundley(.270 18HR)
CF Cam Maybin(.277 20HR 40SB)
Wow no real holes in that line up(no Tony Gwynn Jr.s or Everth Cabreras)

Cantu(12 HR .265)Zaun(.280 1hr)
Frandsen(.220 good defense)
Denorfia(.280 8HR)
Patterson (.320 1hr)
would be a decent bench.
I probably overpredicted some of them(Not Hawpe, Hundley, Hudson, Venable, or Maybin)

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  1. Ya! He has agreed on a MLB contract and will provide more updates as they come.