Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jason Bartlett and The Rule 5 Draft

Jason Bartlett Deal
Jason Bartlett is seen below in a play with Padres Will Venable.
2011 projections: .302 average, 8 home runs, 34 steals, and solid defense!

Yesterday the San Diego Padres aquired a new shortstop from Tampa Bay for two middle relievers that weren't in our future plans. His name is Jason Bartlett. He'll likely hit lead off and Cam Maybin second or vise versa. The lineup gets much better, but we are not done yet! We must still add a first and second baseman. (Post on Adrian later). My suggestions (are you listening Jed?) include: Derek Lee, Orlando Hudson, Orlando Cabrera, Jorge Cantu, and/ a back-up catcher like Matt Treanor or Bengie Molina.

George Kontos- 2011 Projections:
3.29 ERA, 5-3 record, 62 k's

Jacob Blackwood- 2011 Projections AA
.311 avg, 27 Home Runs, 20 steals

This morning the SD Padres selected George Kontos and Jacob Blackwood in the Rule 5 Draft. (Players not on the 40 man roster with 4/5 yrs. of service or more in the minors are eligible in Rule 5 Draft). Kontos will likely pitch in middle relief and stick on the 25 man roster. Blackwood is thought to be a gem as he was taken from the Giants. He could be compared to Dan Uggla as he was the MVP of the Indy League. I think these were two great selections and the 2nd and 4th best.


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  2. Noah I recommend yo to read Moneyball !!! Lol I hate the Padres and my team is AZ, but I live in San Diego Lol

  3. I already read it and it was really good, thanks. AZ huh?

  4. Diamondback lol....and I go to see them every time they play at Petco Park

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  7. So far on the projections:

    Jason Bartlett-He is on track for the solid defense and the 34 SB but his power and average are lacking, we are only 11 games in though.

    George Kontos-He was returned to NY as the Chad Qualls signing sealed his fate.

    Jacob Blackwood-He is hitting cleanup for AA and has stats reminicent to above.